Le FAQ di Pistakkio Food

What is a Pistakkio Food Box?

It’s a “package” containing a full meal prepared according to typically Sicilian traditional cuisine. All the foodstuffs are in the correct proportions for the number of guests you will have specified, and arrive in a box designed not only to look good but also to be really robust. Due to its design technology, tailormade for us by our experts, our packages are extremely shock-resistant and will ensure safe delivery of all our dishes intact.

What does “a full meal in a box” mean?

Each box contains a full meal (lunch or dinner) made up of appetizers (some of which may double up as an ideal second course), pasta and its sauce, bread and organic olive oil, dessert and wine.
Everything is ready to be served and eaten, except for the pasta: you will have to take a few minutes to cook it and mix it with the supplied sauce, following the detailed steps outlined on the instruction leaflet you’ll find inside the box.

How many persons can I order for?

We have boxed meals for 2, 4 or 6 persons.

Why choose Pistakkio Food?

– In the comfort of your own home, we let you savour typical Sicilian dishes made with the best selected home-grown produce that reach your table directly from the producer.
– You’ll get genuine dishes that form part of the Mediterranean diet, a nutritional model recognised by UNESCO in 2010 as being part of the intangible cultural heritage of humanity.
– We’ll help you produce a delicious meal, even if you have hardly any cooking experience. All you’ll have to do is boil up some water, and put the pasta in to cook for a few minutes: we think of the rest. Just follow the few steps on the instruction leaflet included in the box.
– We know how hard it is to find time to do the shopping; in the comfort of your own home, you can quickly place an order with us and have your typical Sicilian meal delivered to you.
– Our meals have a medium to long shelf life, so you can consume yours whenever you like, even a few weeks after receiving it.

How does the “DO IT YOURSELF BOX” section work?

As the name suggests, you can pick and choose each detail of your meal: type of flour, pasta shape, sauce, the 3 or 4 appetizers (depending on the size of box you ordered), dessert and wine.
You’ll be guided through your choices by an intuitive and user-friendly interface; at the end of the procedure you can of course review all your choices, making any changes you wish before finalising your order.

What do our various box sizes contain?

The 4-person box contains 3 appetizers (some of which may double up as an ideal second course), pasta with an appropriate amount of sauce, bread, organic olive oil, desserts and a bottle of wine.

The 6-person box contains 4 appetizers (some of which may double up as an ideal second course), pasta with an appropriate amount of sauce, bread, organic olive oil, desserts and 2 bottles of wine.

Are all the foodstuffs produced in Sicily?

Absolutely. All our products are exclusively Sicilian: we made our selection only after the most careful scrutiny of the very best to be found on the Sicilian gastronomic scene.

What payment methods do you accept?

You can pay by:
• Credit card
• PayPal
• Stripe

How does delivery work?

When placing your order, you’ll select your desired date of delivery on our web calendar.
We use the most reliable transporters on the market, known for their punctuality and handling care.
Once you’ve made the purchase, you’ll receive a confirmation email with your order details and tracking number, so you can follow your box’s progress right up to your doorstep.
If you’re not at home, you’ll be contacted to arrange a new delivery date.

What about gift vouchers, special offers and discounts?

We do make special offers to our regular customers. Subscribe to our newsletter and earn discounts on your favourite foods, and keep up to date on our latest news.
Coming soon: special PSK gadgets included in your box.
In order to use discount codes received either by email or directly from our commercial agents, just insert the alphanumeric code in the COUPON field on the shopping-cart page, click on “Use Coupon”, and the discounted amount will be calculated immediately.

What happens if your box doesn’t arrive?

  • Contact us at info@pistakkiofood.com and choose whether:
    – To be refunded
    – Have the box resent
    – Have a credit line opened so as to re-order on-line for free.