Do you like typical Sicilian products? We have a Box to suit all tastes

Quality raw materials and love of tradition are the hallmarks of all our Boxes

Raw materials

Our raw materials are carefully selected and our dishes are made with typical Sicilian products to bring to your table all the flavour of a unique and precious land

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Tradition and wellbeing

Top quality raw materials, natural processing methods, a sense of tradition and cultural heritage: that’s what all our Boxes have in common

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We deliver anywhere

Our Boxes will allow you to sample typical Sicilian products wherever you are, we guarantee safe and fast shipment. We’ll bring you tasty typical dishes wherever you are

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Andrea Galeazzi

The great Andrea Galeazzi received a Box of Pistakkio Food, let's see the 

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Simply good, simply natural

Pistakkio Food provides you with a perfect example of the Mediterranean diet, with carefully
selected ingredients making up a tasty and balanced meal. Typical Sicilian products directly to your


Flavour mix-and-match

Flavour mix-and-match

Your guests will be impressed by refined combinations such as an excellent tuna fish matched with a ripe Sicilian orange to create the Tuna and Sicilian Oranges Paté, designed to be spread on crispy toast. A perfect opening for a Sicilian dinner to be enjoyed in good company.

Vegetables galore

Vegetables galore

The idea behind our boxes is to offer you a healthy and balanced, Mediterranean diet-based meal. Our vegetables ripen under the warm sun of Sicily, caressed by a wind that smells of the sea. They are perfect for preparing dishes that contain all the flavour of an ancient culinary culture that will amaze you with every mouthful.

Our pasta

Our pasta

Our pasta is organic, wholegrain, produced with wheat germ, and dried at low temperature. A perfect match to bring out all the flavour of our sauces. Different shapes, made of different flours to really satisfy all tastes.

Top quality wines

Top quality wines

Sicily’s unique grapes produce fine wines of excellent quality.
We’ve selected and packed some of the best Sicilian wines, ready to reach you on your doorstep. Typical Sicilian wines just one click away with Pistakkio Food.

Pistakkio Food Boxes

To let you taste all the most characteristic flavours of Sicily, we offer you five different Boxes to choose from. Each Box contains a complete meal, for 2, 4 or 6 persons, composed of typical Sicilian products

Lampedusa Box

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Cefalù Box

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Etna Box

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Erice Box

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Élite Box

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Do-it-yourself Box

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Our hallmark is the quality of our raw materials

Olives grown in the Sicilian sun and wholemeal flours: good, genuine, typically Sicilian products


BIÒ, our Extra Virgin Olive Oil, is made from a selection of the best olives, naturally ripened under the Sicilian sun


What four things make our pasta special?
It’s organic, wholegrain, including the wheat germ, and dried at low temperatures

What they’re saying about us

Some experts in the field have had the opportunity of tasting our typically Sicilian dishes and products

“Impastando a quattro mani” (The Two Bakers)

So many of us often, or almost every day as in our case, have to improvise a quick lunch or dinner, maybe tired after a long day at work; we know very well that many people, rather than start cooking, will opt for ready-made meals from the supermarket


The company @pistakkiofood provides complete 
meals based on Sicilian delicacies. From the appetizer to the dessert, passing through the first course, all seasoned with an excellent red wine (Nero D’Avola). I advise you all to jump on the company pages and for any information you can also contact me privately. A fat hug. #foodlifegood

It’s so simple to order a complete dinner for you and your friends

  • Choose a Box or make up your own: you can select from our range or else pick and choose your favourite dishes to make up your own. There’s a Box for every taste.
  • Ordering is simple, safe and fast; if you do need help, you’ll always find one of us available to clarify any doubts
  • You’ll get the Box right on your doorstep: we can rapidly deliver an authentic Sicilian meal wherever you live
  • Have your family or friends in to a real Sicilian dinner: our Boxes contain a complete meal for 2, 4 or 6 persons